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Looking to build out a BRAND or generating PROSPECTS for your business? Tried your hands with the traditional approach of Marketing for e.g. Cold Calling & other offline marketing techniques for LEAD GENERATION but not deriving the proper results? Welcome, Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing a new age digital marketing technique where prospects comes in searching for the desired product they had been looking for. As per Industry Experts Inbound Marketing is a technique to drive in potential customers to your business and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tactic or a part of Inbound Marketing. Yet today many business still follow the traditional or the old methods of marketing; as they consider SEO or Inbound Marketing to be time consuming and a lengthy process for BRAND building or LEAD Generation.

Inbound Marketing & SEO

Myth 1: Business considers the pricing of Inbound Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be on the higher side hence opting for the traditional method of marketing.

Myth 2: Business believes that customer can reach out to you, know about your product only when you are on the first page of the Search Engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

Myth3: Business might have previously tried to adapt this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by outsourcing their work to any local person who might have considered him to be an Online Consultant or Digital Ninja and they have robbed the Business with his trust and money.

Myth 4: Business feels that it usually takes months and years to build an online presence and a good amount needs to be invested in order to establish itself in the digital platform.

Well, there are still plenty of other reasons why a Business is skeptical when it comes about Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and while some of the aforesaid points are true but still a business can leverage itself by recruiting the right Online Marketing Company or Digital Marketing Company which we at “Kreative Sparkz” do for our valuable clients by maximizing their lead generating potential which cannot be derived from cold calling and other offline techniques. The Search Engine Giant “Google” and other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo and AOL is always updating their algorithm; Search Engines today have become more intelligent and it’s not only about keyword tricks and link building or link exchange that works anymore. Content is the king of the Search World today; the more you produce quality content, the more you educate your customers thus more your customers starts building trust on you. Finally it would be your customers who would be acting as the BRAND EVANGELIST for your product who directly or indirectly helps you in adding more value for your business by enriching your lead generation experience.