Why to Opt for the Best Email Marketing Service Providers?

Is e-Mail marketing dead? I heard many of our clients say that, prior to becoming our customers, but what made them think so? Does e-Mail Marketing means sending out spams to hundreds and thousands of users in their Inbox? No, e-Mail Marketing is a “Permission Based Marketing” which means your email should be delivered only to the intended recipient. We at Kreative Sparkz, an Email Marketing Company located in Kochi, Kerala, convinced them, converted them into our client and today they are happy for the results we delivered to them. Why? Because we over –achieved their expectations with over a whopping 1500% ROI (Return on Investment). But the path we chose to convince them was not that easy, as it required proven market results to believe that YES, “e-mail marketing is not dead” and we needed to test it, test it right. Initially we failed, failed on numerous occasions but all we were looking for was to hit the sweet spot to get it right and guess what; we were bang on target. Today providing with the Bulk Email Marketing Services, we as an Email Advertising Company have been successful in providing our clients with the best email marketing campaigns designed and delivered.

The Email Marketing Industry

With over more than 4.1 billion email accounts worldwide as of Year 2014, the e-Mail Market is one of the cheapest and the surest bet to get cozy with your clients. You might be a Small Business or a Corporate but your audience always loves to be pampered and what could be the easiest way other than the e-mail marketing services, all you need is to hit it in the right place which encourages your customers to click and read your emails delivered. And do not forget: It’s all about them “Your Customers”, it’s not about you.

There are a lot number of factors that come into play when planning to opt for an e-Mail Marketing Strategy.

# Choosing the right ESP (Email Service Provider)
#Get the right content for your E-Mail
# Preparing the right strategy with CTA (Call To Action) clearly mentioned.
# Higher CTR (Click Through Rate) for emails with A/B testing.
# Monitoring Your Email Analytics.

At, Kreative Sparkz, the leading bulk email service providers in Kochi, Kerala, we understand you, value your business; the e-Mail Campaigns you want to broadcast for your customers and the action you want your customers to take after reading your email. With proven track records and success in achieving the business targets for our clients we assure you with a tool which helps to achieve over higher ROI (Return On Investment) in your business.