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Course Design

Digital Marketing Overview

Website Planning

Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics

Adwords & PPC

Social Media Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Email Marketing

Course Dynamics

  • Digital Marketing Overview : Learn How Marketing in the Digital World Works
  • Website Planning : Learn Buyer Psychology and Get the Website Structured Accordingly
  • SEO : Learn the Tricks to Pull Your Website Way Ahead of Your Competitors
  • Google Analytics : Learn a Data Driven Approach to Growth
  • Adwords & PPC : Create Your First Profitable Campaign
  • Social Media : Get the Right Followers and Fan Base with Your Twitter and Facebook.
  • YouTube : Use Your Videos to Drive Traffic and Sales
  • Email Marketing : Learn the Simple Trick to Get Maximum Subscribers
  • Lead Generation : Learn the Tips and Tricks to Generate Faster Leads by Implementing the Right Digital Marketing Techniques

Course Description

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • The Platforms of Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Market Research
  • Website Structure
  • The Concept of Landing Page
  • Funnels in a Website Layout
  • Metrics to Measure SEO Performance
  • Keywords & Search Queries
  • Verify Your Website in the Google Search Console
  • How to Optimise your Website
  • How to Take the Google Mobile Friendly Test
  • How to Write Killer Title Tags for Your Website
  • URL Structuring
  • Improve Click Through Rate (CTR) through Meta Tags
  • Content Optimization
  • How to Get the Right Backlinks for Your Website
  • How to Maximize Links for Your SEO Campaigns
  • Linking Your Website to Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Analytics for Actionable Data
  • Analyze Traffic Sources so You Get More Traffic
  • Use Behaviour Reports to Improve Visitor Retention and Conversion
  • Writing Killer Ads
  • All About Keywords – The Heartbeat of Your Account
  • Account Structure – How to Structure Ad Groups
  • Setting Up Adwords Billing
  • Expanding and Refining Your Keywords
  • Negative Keywords and their Impact
  • Profitable Bidding Strategies
  • Which Social Media Suits Your Targeted Audience
  • Defining Social Strategies
  • Creating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Page
  • Page Settings
  • Formulas Guaranteed to Drive Engagement
  • Optimizing Your Profiles on Social Media
  • Importance of Hashtags
  • Algorithms in Social Media
  • YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • YouTube Account Setup and Optimization
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • YouTube SEO
  • YouTube Annotations and Cards
  • YouTube Promotion & Analytics
  • Monetizing Your YouTube Channels and Video
  • All About Permission Based Marketing
  • How to Create an Email Campaign
  • Growing Your Subscriber Lists
  • The HTML Flyer for Your Email
  • Single & Doubt Opt In Forms in Email Marketing
  • Choosing the Right Platform for Email Marketing
  • Free Takeaways from this Course
  • Students Q & A Segment


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Course Instructors

Vijesh Pillai Vijesh Pillai is the founder of Kreative Sparkz, a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency based in Kochi, Kerala in 2015. Since then over 100+ companies have been consulted around the world.
Started career as a Computer Hardware & Network Engineer, but soon transitioned into the world of online marketing. Has witnessed so many businesses being beaten down by their competition, only because they didn't understand the techniques and strategies behind a successful online marketing campaign.
Vijesh has completed certifications from RedHat, Google & HubSpot, which has enhanced to shape their agency and grow our business portfolio.
Kreative Sparkz was launched to help smaller companies compete with advertisers with internal marketing teams and huge advertising budgets.
Has successfully generated revenue for their clients, spanning more than 25 unique industries.
Online marketing is complex, but with the right tools and guidance, you'll be absolutely amazed how easy, fun and effective it can be.
Nishant Netaji Nishant Netaji has graduated in Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi University and years of experience as a Content Strategist and Event Marketer.
He has helped numerous business grow their revenue online and over the course of his career and has developed a skill set in analyzing data and believes to use this experience in teaching and data science to help other people learn the power to succeed online.
With over 9 years of rich experience in the Industry, today he is working as the Senior Business Consultant with Kreative Sparkz.
Having worked with Fortune 500 Companies in sectors such as Business Process outsourcing and Marketing Outsourcing, Nishant is today one of the most popular Digital Marketer in Kerala. His role at Kreative Sparkz involves working on Contents as a Content Strategist and numerous other Internet Marketing Activities.
Faisal Haneef Faisal Haneef is the Co-Founder and the Digital Marketing Manager with Kreative Sparkz. Faisal gained Bachelors in Business Degree from IGNOU and his practical marketing expertise comes from working with SME’s to Corporate Business.
7+ years working in the marketing departments and handling accounts of multiple business in digital marketing, direct marketing and advertising campaigns at Kreative Sparkz. With his strategic planning he had touched the life of numerous businesses by helping them attract new customers and marketing of the products and services to a customer base of over 1 million customers.
Faisal has a very calm delivery style, explaining material in a very relevant, clear and precise manner. His trainings are highly interactive and participants often leave the programme with practical skills delivered. Faisal has a quick thought process, is highly efficient and knowledge in Inbound Marketing & Local SEO. He’s on the exceptional trainers from Kochi, Kerala.


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